WebQ Web Design and Development

How It Works

The WebQ model allows us to provide customers with a professional website, as well as content management, for less than the usual cost of custom web design.

Your project progresses through 4 systematic phases, the streamlining of which reduces the production timeframe and minimises the development costs involved in creating advanced websites.

Step 1 - Define

Before your project is commenced, we will assign you a Project Manager who will remain your point of contact for the duration of your project. Your Project Manager will organise a free initial consultation to discuss your requirements and objectives.

Step 2 - Design

Our designers will work with your Project Manager to prepare a mock concept that illustrates the appearance and structure of your website. Once you have personally reviewed the website layout, we will produce the final design.

Step 3 - Develop

The development phase involves converting the approved layouts into an operational website. Our developers will work closely with the designers when implementing the features of your website - whether that be Content Management, E-commerce or much, much more.

Step 4 - Deploy

After exhaustive testing, your website will be placed on a staging server. Your Project Manager will then issue you with a starter kit which will include a website reference guide. Once you are satisfied, your new website will be launched on our live server.

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